“Before Distribution Manager, production of our business metrics took too much time and only included summary information. Now in less than 10 minutes DM emails comprehensive reports to all our managers at the click of a button!”

IT Manager - Xylem


Do you spend too much time preparing and copying reports to email throughout your organisation?

Would you like to streamline your reporting process directly from your Excel spreadsheets?

Distribution Manager


Distribution Manager leverages the functionality of Microsoft® Excel while automating the delivery of key business information to your critical users. Eliminate the time-consuming tasks of printing, copying, or creating email attachments just to get information to your end-users. Empower your users with a tool that delivers this business-critical information in an easy and efficient manner.


Benefits of Distribution Manager include:

  • Automate full delivery of reports and files using: Email, Printing, and Archiving
  • Unlimited file attachments of all types
  • Define important key variables available to all spreadsheets
  • Provide custom parameters to spreadsheets prior to re-calculating
  • Optional selection of specific Excel worksheets for distribution
  • Conversion of Excel documents to HTML, and PDF format via Adobe Acrobat®
  • Optional conversion of Global Software, Inc. and/or Excel formulas to values
  • Publish to Mobile Devices