“In our business the volume of transactions posting to our accruals account each month is enormous. However, with Accruals Manager we now have full control and visibility of the Purchase Accruals”

Shared Services Controller – Lear Corporation


Do you know what makes up your accrued liability/GRNI account balance?

How old are the transactions and what can you release?

Does it agree with your sub-system report?

How do you manage cost changes and revaluations?


This product allows the finance user to manage the Purchase accruals account balances in CEA


The reconciliation process is user-friendly and can be run as often as you want. Simply import the latest CEA transactions for the accrued liability/GRNI accounts. Next, the automatic matching routines filter out the corresponding purchase receipt and matched invoices to leave the open transactions that make up the balance – all at Order/Line/Item detail.


Then Accruals Manager has functionality to allow you to:

  • Revalue the open transactions at latest standard cost and post a journal to CEA
  • Release balances that are no longer required and post a journal to CEA
  • Run aging reports over the open transactions
  • Compare the open transactions with the purchase order status
  • Drill back to journal detail, order status, ITH details, vendor account status, invoice details, all without opening a BPCS/Lx session


With Accruals Manager, you will know exactly what is in the GRNI balance, how old it is, revalue it to latest cost and drill to any detail required – in short, you will have full control!