“This “simple to use” CEA integrity checking tool is invaluable in understanding our CEA configuration. Our shared service centre in Switzerland use it to provide new employees with training in the way CEA has been configured in our European locations.
As a Finance Applications Consultant life is so much easier with CEA Manager!”

Application Consultant - Dentsply


Do your Finance users really understand how CEA works?

Do you want to update your CEA set-up to reflect Business changes but don't know how?

Have the CEA 'super-users' left the business?

Do you have posting errors in your system and don't know how to prevent them?

CEA Manager

This product has 2 primary areas of functionality.

Understanding the CEA configuration

CEA Manager takes snapshots of the CEA configuration files and allows the user to ‘drill’ into the configuration with no risk to the Live environment and no compromise of BPCS security and user profiles.

Multiple ‘search’ options provide the user with the ability to drill into the CEA configuration from a variety of start points, allowing them to understand how the environment is configured.

Here are some of the detailed views available to the user:

  • Starting from Reason Codes, the user can drill to the Model Lines via the Event and understand how each line of any journal will post in the Ledger. Each macro is explained and a full list of any Alias values on any Advanced Macro is only a click away
  • Any Models in any subsystem origin can be compared on screen or the user can review the same Model in different environments (for example Live and Test)
  • The user can select any Macro and see where it is used (which Models) and for what purpose (determine a Segment Value, used as a Line Reference or to determine the value)


Checking the Integrity of the CEA configuration

The ‘Test’ option allows the user to run a suite of ‘pre-configured’ checks over the environment that generates a list of errors and warnings.

Here are some of the automated tests (that account for the majority of transactions failing to post correctly to CEA):

  • Reason Codes not linked to Events or set to Bypass Journal Entry
  • Advanced Macros with missing Alias values
  • Aliases use valid segment values
  • Model not linked to an Event

CEA Manager does not apply changes directly to CEA but the accompanying help text guides the user on where and how to apply the necessary corrections for any errors.


CEA Manager is an ideal training aid and can help to ensure that all members of the finance team have a thorough understanding of how CEA is configured and how any transaction posts to the Ledger. In addition, the self-checking routine will speedily identify configuration errors, whilst the enhanced knowledge of the configuration should allow users to prevent errors from occurring.