“In the past reconciling the inventory accounts was extremely time consuming - now Inventory Manager makes my life much easier! As well as the automatic creation of journals it also provides multiple drill-through enquiries and reports”

BU Controller - Greif


Are you taking too much time to reconcile your Inventory sub-ledger?

How do you capture back-dated transactions?

What is the effect of cost changes on your reconciliation?

How do you correct for postings at zero value?


This product addresses all these questions and allows the finance user to reconcile the Inventory system (INV) with the Inventory accounts in CEA


IM imports pre-configured inventory subsystem data extracts plus CEA transactions and performs the following steps:

  • For each Item/Warehouse/Location/Lot combination IM automatically checks that the closing on-hand quantity (ILI) agrees with the sum of transactions in the period (ITH) and has a function to identify backdated/forward-dated transactions
  • The inventory transactions are then compared with the postings in CEA with full drill to detail capability. Any differences are highlighted as ‘pending adjustments’ and configurable journals are created for user authorisation, prior to posting to CEA
  • The import of latest standard costs ensures that the closing valuation is correctly stated and a configurable revaluation journal is automatically prepared
  • An automatic ‘reclassification’ journal is prepared to reflect the impact of Item classification changes (Type, Class etc) on the balance sheet


With full drill to detail capability and comprehensive views of the inventory balances, Inventory Manager gives you a complete inventory reconciliation tool!