“We implemented Receivables Manager in all the countries where we operate, safe in the knowledge that it would provide a daily reconciliation of the ACR subsystem with CEA.

The comprehensive drill-through screens give our users a wealth of information. Combined with aged-debt reporting on invoice date and due date, this is a 'must-have' tool in the Finance locker!”

Director of Business Processes – Electrical Components International


Can you easily identify differences between ACR and CEA?

Do your enquiry screens give you the full picture?

Are your aged-debtor reports satisfactory?

Can you generate period-end reports and still backdate cash?


This product allows the finance user to reconcile the Accounts Receivable system (ACR) with the Debtor Control accounts in CEA


The reconciliation can be run as often as required (usually daily) and identifies any differences between ACR and CEA at document level. Full drill-down to transactions allows the user to investigate any differences.


In addition to the core reconciliation capability, Receivables Manager also has the following functionality:


The user has full ACR enquiry with the ability to

  • Switch document views between Unpaid/Paid/All/Archived/Masterfile data
  • Change sort criteria
  • Copy details to excel
  • Control access via the user profile
  • Search for Customers by alpha-search, Type, Currency, Company
  • Search for documents with drill to transaction details



The user has full ACR reporting with the ability to

  • Run ageing reports in summary or detail and by invoice date or due date
  • Defined ageing buckets
  • Apply filters by single Customer, Type, Currency, Terms, specific User Field (allowing the user to specify a single customer, a range/group or all customer accounts)
  • Export to excel


History Enquiry

The user can generate a report of the documents comprising the CEA balance for any given period end (to cater for cash backdated at period end)


With the Receivables Manager reconciling, reporting and analysis capability, the user is in full control of all things ACR related!